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Hattrick's Many Capacities

When working with Hattrick Marketing Group you're working with professionals in every marketing media background. From design to programming, strategy to analysis, we cover all the bases and work with all devices. Hattrick offers a wide variety of scripting languages and interactive technologies including PHP, .NET, Python, Flash, ActionScript, and more!

No matter the size or budget of your project Hattrick will build the proper solution for your business, from start to finish. Contact Hattrick today for a FREE consultation.

.: Web Design

Design is such an important key to business. With the right design you will capture the attention of your target market. The wrong design will capture nothing. That's why we believe in front-end designs that are clean, engaging, and will entice your audience to stick around a while.
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.: Web Programming

Where there's a front end there's a back end. Most anyone can stick a design on the Web using any old computer program. However, an improperly-coded Web site will cause issues you don't want to deal with, such as not showing up on search engines, slow loading times, broken functionality, and unnecessary and expensive maintenance charges.
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.: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Google. Bing. Yahoo! Heard of them? Chances are you and your customers use them on a daily basis. At Hattrick, we research your industry and competitors comprehensively to determine a strategy that will bring your business to the top of all major search engines, and in front of your target audience.
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.: Online Marketing

Many companies don't always want to wait for people to search for their products or services, so they bring those products and services to the people. Online marketing comes in many different forms, from email to search engine-sponsored ads to banner campaigns and more. Time is of the essence. Grab the attention of your market and they'll remember you above your competition when they're ready to buy!
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.: Mobile Applications

Freely manage your software and Web site from the convenience of your mobile device and be just as productive when you're sitting in an airport as you are in the office. Custom built mobile applications for iPhone and Android devices make your job easier and less restricted.
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