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Search Engine Optimization Strategy


Did you know that over 70% of consumers go online first to search for local business information? That's up by 7% from the previous year, and will only increase over time. With those kind of numbers it's important to make sure your Web site is easily found.

Research and Analysis

At Hattrick the search engine optimization portion starts on the drawing board right from the beginning of the project. We start by looking at keywords related to your business and search trends in your industry, as well as put your competitors under the microscope.

Site Mapping and Content Creation

From the research and analysis we put together a content strategy that targets your demographic. The structure of your Web site is formed within a "site map," which is the organization of all Web pages within your Web site.

Contrary to popular belief SEO is not ALL about stuffing keywords in your Web pages. We don't stuff keywords into your site and call it SEO; we develop content so it reads well to your visitors while at the same time keeping it unique and valuable to search engines. Also, a well-written Web page reflects nicely on your business.

Weaved Into Development

As we stated in the Web programming section, your site's code structure is a major part of the SEO process. Using "white hat" SEO techniques we treat each page of your Web site individually.

Local Search Optimization

Search trends have shown within major search engines, as well as social networking sites, consumers are more interested in buying products or services from local businesses when searching for information. One in three searchers will abandon their search if they can't find the information they're looking for. For these reasons we make sure to post your business information on available local search tools in order to capture more of that local traffic that is so valuable.