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Professional Web Programming


Merely a good looking Web site will not get the job done; you need clean, organized code. Also, to truly give your site visitors a great experience you'll need the right features.

Features & Functionality

Offering a clean shopping cart feature on your Web site will undoubtedly help you sell your products, and a contact form will certainly make it easier for online customers to contact your company. Those are just examples of the type of functionality that can be built into your Web site in order to produce interaction with your online visitors.

Many features are developed to make managing your Web site easier as well. With a content management system (CMS) you will have the opportunity to control the content of your Web site; without prior knowledge of Web development. Store information you collect through your site in a database to make for focused tracking and effortless reporting later. Add a photo gallery to show pictures of your latest project or products to online guests. So many features can zest up your Web site for both you and your customers.

Best Practices

The way your site's code is structured can have an enormous effect on how it performs, both for your visitors and in search engine results. At Hattrick we make sure to stay within Web standards and away from unnecessary programming techniques; by doing so your Web site will maintain cross-browser compatibility, which means it will look and function the same on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and more.